Concept development

Concepting involves the creative process to shape a strategy into action. It will give a direction to the visual expression.

From brand strategy, we will reshape the product proposition, for both products as well as service-oriented companies. 

From digital strategy, we will use our research and customer background together with digital best-practices to shape a prototype.

Shaping a succesful offering

Offer positioning

From brandstrategy you will get insights into all possibilities by applying customer centricity. The next step is re-positioning your offer. How do you shape your offer? How do you make sure you will get noticed? How do you create an offer that is attractive to your audience? By judging the way you offer your products at this moment we will be able to reshape them through the whishes of your target audience. Our goal is to get you attention from your audience.

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Shaping a succesful digital product

Digitale positioning

Having the right offer, showing a user-friendly navigation flow and creating a visual reflection of your company online are crucial to creating the brand experience your audience will need. A digital strategy gives us the clarity to fill in the blanks as far as digital positioning goes. In this phase, we will shape the digital product as a concept.

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