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Digital proposition

The digital presence of your company determines a large part of the perception your audience has of you. We live in an era where the line between online and offline is starting to fade. 

The ease of use digital provides us, also brings with it the density of competitors, Apart from an excellent product, you will also have to offer a unique experience to trigger your audience. 

At Raevels we look at all the different facettes of digital and customer experience. We strive to create the best brand experience to enhance the success of your company.

Shaping a digital platform

For those who strive for a perfect user experience. 

Each digital platform that has a vision and an ambition will profit from a sustainable customer experience and user experience. Customer Experience (or CX) embodies the entire experience customers will have, from getting acquainted with after sales and re-occurring experiences in the future. User experience (or UX) is about the experience that the same customer has on a digital platform (such as a website). These two area’s of expertise complement each other. Where CX focuses on emotional values, UX embodies the flawless navigation through your digital product and the conversion this platform has.

CX goes hand in hand with branding and UX is strengthened by User Interface (or UI) design. Both branding and UI design put a visual layer over the strategy and conception and will strengthen the brand value.

In this program, several components follow one another. This program blends really well with digital strategy and embodies step 3 of the program ”A digital platform with impact”.

  1. Ambition and strategy (strategy)
  2. Audience and functionality (strategy)
  3. UX and design concept (concept development)
  4. UX and design elaboration (realization)
  5. Roadmap and sprint preparation (realization)
  6. Project management/product ownership (realization)

We will help you to think big and start small.

This program is also very suitable for app development.


Components of this program:

1.Ambition, strategy, target audience and desires

Together we will start concepting the platform, the ”why” behind the project and kpi’s we have to take into account.

2. Research

What do we want to achieve? What does the used already know? We will start with some competitors research and will combine best practices to create a first vision. Together we will make important decisions that will determine the next steps in developmenT.

3. Positioning & concepting

If we have an idea of how the platform will be positioned we can work out the whole customer experience for. This flow involves all interaction a customer will have.  After that we will create a UX prototype, a blueprint of the new platform. Once we decide on the final direction we can work on the first visuals. 

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A website that performs

For those who want to (re)structure their website and page build. 

In this program we will define a better user flow and decide what menu structure you need to have a better performing website. We look look at the structure of pages and will suggest options for better conversion. You will get the best results when your company also has a brand strategy, however you can also use this program to get your website to the next level.

This program is right for you if:

  • Your website needs profesionalising
  • You want to improve conversion
  • You are planning to launch a new website, by yourself, with a developer or with us.
  • You are an ambitious small company or if you are in a larger organisation

For this program, we will always have an orientation intake from which we will make a proposal that fits the needs of our company. Feel free to ask for more info via the contactform.

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Online program

Do you need help putting together your online program? Do you know you have so much valuable knowledge to share, but you don't know where to begin in shaping the whole program?

We can help you put together a program that is unique and has all the qualities you have to offer. Online courses are more effective than their mainstream learning programs. So students learn more. But it is also effective for you. Having an online course will allow you to get all your customers up to speed with what they need to know, before working with you. 

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Design concepting

A digital proposition will be strengtened by the right mood. Setting the stage right impacts the emotions that your visitor will have when they visit your website. They will connect this to your brand. Our way of forming a strategy leaves room to play with the personality of your company. We will work on 3 different design concepts that will enhance certain charactaristics of your company. This way you can make a well made decision before realising the entire website.

Cost indication 3 designs: € 1150,00

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