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Course: What's in a name

Business success through the right name.

Learn to use your own creativity when creating a new name.

To celebrate the launch of Raevels Academy, you get this course for free.

Goal: To teach you or your team to come up with the right name for your business or your offer. 


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The content of the course

✔ You learn the same method that we use for customers.

✔ I share my personal insiders info and inspiration.

✔ Next to the shared knowledge you will also get tips and examples.

✔ You learn how to cope with a creativity block and how to activate your own creativity.

✔ Create your own style of naming.

The shape of the course

✔ The course is devided into 6 lessons and the whole course will cost about 2 hours of your time to follow.

✔ Each lesson has a knowledge topic, contains tips, examples and assignments for you to follow.

✔ The course can be found in our online learnig environment the Raevels Academy. You can start and stop whenever you want. You follow the course at your own pace and at a time that suits you best.

✔ You will get a 6 week access to the course counted from the day you register.

✔ At the end of the course you get some tips for your next steps and you will find a Q&A with questions ands awnsers from other participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course itself takes about 2 hours of your time. The time you spend on the exercises is all up to you. This depends on how much time you want to spend and how much time you need to get the best results. You control this. Raevels cost me about 18 uur actively busy with the excersises. The start to finish time was about 5 weeks.
The course is 22.50 ex dutch VAT. We are mostly focused on creating more value for you. If you have any feedback we would love to hear from you.
Yes it will. We will update the course in 2020. There will be a price attached to enrolling.
All you need is a laptop or a tablet. Personally I like to use a pen and paper also. This allows me to scribble and brainstorm.
I believe your brain needs some time to come up with great ideas. I also want to give you a deadline so you will actually do the work. That is why I give you 6 weeks to get through the entire course.
The course is in English. There is also a Dutch version available on our Dutch website.
Yes, absolutely! Mostly creativity is associated with creating art or professions that design. However anything we do as humans is creative. Change by definition needs creativity. You have it too!
With 'What's in a name' you can come up with business names as well as names for your offer. The course gives you a method that fuses your professional knowledge with your own creativity. The method remains the same for both types of names.
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Creating a new name can be challanging


There are so many names. How do you make yours stick out?

A name thats right
How many people do you know that own a company who's name doesn't ring a bell for you? 

The trap of catch-all terms
The use of catch-all terms is one of the largest traps when it comes to naming a company or offer. These are words that have been overused in certain area's of expertise or words that are logical for your customer, because they expect it from your profession. Things like "Online pressence" or "High-End program". They either don't mean anything to your customer or your customer starts doubting themselve if they should or should not contact you.

From Design by Fuzz-e to Raevels

I know the struggle. 3 years ago I went into another meeting to introduce myself. ‘Hi, I'm from Design by Fuzz-e”. Fuzzy it was. I noticed I was getting embarrassed when the other person pulled a funny face or said something about women trying. #notcool  And even though that same customer would be immensely enthusiastic in hindsight I noticed this wasn't me anymore.

The mistakes I made
I have spent many many hours staring at a blank paper to figure out a new name. Thrown away so many pages of scribbles. And spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on name creators. Nothing matched what I envisioned. I remember driving home and calling a befriended colleague. She said "But you are so incredibly creative, why don't you try it yourself again?

There is a methode that consistently delivers great names

It isn't easy to come up with a name that will help you in business. This name is at the base of your succes. And it can be a challenge to find it.

A proven method of our own
I decided to do my own research in an attempt to find the perfect name. I journaled all of my findings and that has shown so much value. A range of customers have already used this method. ANd now so can you. You have the creativity in you. All you need is some information and inspiration.

Create a name that stands out in 5 steps

This free course packed with information we use for our larger customers I want to give you. Follow our mini-course “what’s in a name” in which I will explain the exact steps I take for our customers. The steps that have already led to the success of others.

Take your advantage now and claim the course. Rather you are looking for a new business name or a name for your service or product. This method gives you enough space to create them.

Successful names from by course:


Claim your ticket to the "What's in a name" course


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