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That what makes your company different from others is the sole reason customers buy from you. The impact you will have on your target audience is defined by the Customer Experience they go through. By becoming conscious of these facts you will open up countless possibilities to improve the experience customers will have.

We are Raevels; a studio focused on getting results by implementing brand experience. Go ahead and start with strategies, concepts or realization to create the perfect experience for your audience.

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Setting a strategy is the game plan behind all your company expressions. By taking time to create a strategy first you will get more focus and will realise your goals more easily and more efficiently. Let us help you and you will lift your company to the next level.

Dive into brandstrategy


Concept development

Working on a strategy always sprouts many ideas on how to execute your new strategies. Before we roll into action it is best to take a step back and observe. In this step, we will define your offer, product proposition or get into details about a digital channel.  From this, you will have the tools to make an informed decision on how to go forward. 

Analyze your best concept options


Next stop is creating a visual identity, marketing expressions or get straight into digital. With our network of professionals, we are your one-stop-shop to create a customer experience with impact. It is our strength to translate ideas into realization and we are experts in translating your identity to visuals that activate your audience.

Realize customer experiences with impact

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Take a dive into the mind of your customer

The biggest difference between companies that keep growing and those who are not is movement. Companies who constantly keep moving have the biggest impact and manifest the biggest growth. They are always busy with what occupies the minds of their customers, what is changing in their needs and what is happening in their environment. It does not matter how well your marketing campaign is, how amazing the professionals you are working with, if (too) few people are looking for what you are offering you will never hit that goal. How you offer what you have to your audience matters.

Build a brand around your company

Building a brand is the translation we do from who you are to how you are experienced. The right branding will give your target audience the chance to resonate to your vision. It is always about who people think you are and the emotional aftertaste that is left behind when they have experienced your company.

Unravel your story

Become the business people fall in love with

The best you can do as a company is to connect to your audience. If you make sure they fall in love with your brand, selling will become a lot easier. And more important; continuing to sell will become much easier.

A lot of strategies focus on financial results. Each of these strategies has a life cycle that continues to shorten throughout marketing. More quickly then you would want the effect on your buyers runs out.  When your audience is emotionally connected you will have ambassadors for the long term. And if you do this well you will not need marketing tricks anymore to run a successful business. 


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